HR & ADM Manager

Salary: Negotiable

Location: Hanoi Office

Team: Human Resource - Administration

Application deadline: 25/10 — 25/11/2021

Job Description


  • Participate in a strategic team and develop strategy and solutions in Corporate Governance and Organization Development to meet company needs now and in the future.
  • Shape, promote and preserve key parts of Pixelz culture where genuine, long-term relationships are cherished, critical thinking, innovation and feedback are encouraged as everyone holds themselves accountable toward their work and the whole company’s success.
  • Lead and maintain a high achieving organization culture by delivering compensation and benefit programs that reward and recognize key employee capabilities, skills, behaviors, experience and performance, and ensure that the reward system is market relevant, fair and cost effective.
  • Ensure that Pixelz has the right resource, capability and talent to achieve immediate and strategic ambitions.
  • Ensure the constructive employment relations are managed appropriately, within a clear framework underpinned by organization culture, practices, policies, procedures and ultimately by relevant law.
  • Create a learning culture by designing and promoting the learning community in Pixelz which supports the continuous learning and development of staff members. Lead on leadership team development and coaching initiatives.Create and ensure a cost effective Human resource and administration budget following company strategy


  • At least 7-year experience at the same management level for 200+ employee companies.
  • Have profound knowledge in all Human resource and administration management areas.
  • Be excellent in working with people and have relationship building capabilities across a diverse group.
  • Be agile and experienced in driving change.
  • Be a strong team player, detail oriented, proactive, self-driven and result oriented.
  • Have excellent communication skills, and perform well under pressure.
  • Be curious and have a desire to constantly learn.
  • Be able to motivate, challenge and hold people accountable and drive results.
  • Exhibit critical thinking/forward thinking.
  • Language requirements
  • English and Vietnamese: Full professional proficiency.

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