Photoshop Script Developer

Salary: Negotiable

Location: Hanoi Office

Team: Platform

Application deadline: 01/02 — 28/02/2023

Job Description


I. Regular Professional Duties

  1. Create & manage automation products for production                                      
  • Collaborate with other teams to execute automation products
  • Create & manage other supporting tools for production                  
  • Monitor & update automation products
  • Collaborate to investigate & fix automation products‘ issues

      2. Provide automation solutions for image production & onboardings

  • Create & implement solutions for special onboardings                  
  • Collaborate with other teams to provide solutions for special onboardings
  • Support & create scripting solutions for customers when requested

     3. Integrate other automation solutions into image production                        

  • Collaborate with other teams to complete other SAW-related solutions
  • Integrate or do reverse-engineering solutions from other sources into SAW production                                          

II. Analyzing & Reporting

  1. Gather & manage Platform projects‘ data
  2. Gather & manage Onboarding projects‘ data until handover complete
  3. Monitor Platform projects‘ performance

III. Procedures

  1. Create, manage & update relevant team processes            
  2. Create, manage & update relevant cross-teams processes                       

IV. Others

  1. Guide & support new team members as assigned            
  2. Contribute ideas / feedback on improving team performance
  3. Other supporting tasks as assigned


  • International working environment
  • Flat and transparent organization
  • Individual ideas are highly appreciated
  • Working with a strong team of young and ambitious members
  • Freedom in deciding the solution
  • Flexible working time and result oriented.
  • Great opportunities in developing career pathway, English and soft skills.
  • Social, healthcare and unemployment insurances complied with labor law.
  • Up to 15 annual leave days per year
  • Summer trip allowance, 2 weeks fully paid off for parental leave, teamwork activities and more to come once you join.


  • Graduated from University/ College
  • 5 years of working experience with good knowledges end experience in writing plug-in and image processing scripts or similar.
  • Have skills: Extend Script Toolkit for Adobe, JavaScript.
  • Strong sense of integrity, professionalism, and self- driven.
  • Be proactive and detail-oriented with a continuous improvement mindset.
  • Good at Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Presentation.
  • English communication skills.

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